Photography Notes

Under this topic you will find short anecdotes, notes, remarks, information and the history on and about the origins of individual images. Here the technical aspect is not the main focus. It is more about photography without going into aesthetic or artistic statements. Due to most of the images being captured while traveling, a key element is also wanderlust and the urge to travel.

Camino – A Bridge

Brücke am JakobswegDespite 27 kilos worth of combat gear, I spent the night yet again in one of the many pilgrim hostels. Against all advice, I brought tent, sleeping bag, cooker, two tripods, SLR camera, 100-400mm telephoto and other unnecessary items with me up to St. Jacob’s Way. Many pilgrims expressed their doubts about my luggage and that I would pay for it on the Camino.

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Stalingrad? – Winter in Deutschland – Ein Blick aus dem Schlafsack - Jahr 1993Every now and then a village pops up, not a soul on the streets. An off-road vehicle crosses the road, the wild boar under the bonnet, the twigs of juniper, shortly afterwards only a memory, dream like...

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Night Time Drive Cuba

Night time drive – Cuba – 2008

Potholes, people, horse-drawn carts, goats and bike riders appeared out of the shadows…

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Chipmunks in Rajasthan

streifenhoernchen_th1I know what I was doing on the 11. September 2001-as do so many other people-when I heard about the World Trade Centre in New York. I was sitting with some backpackers in an internet café in New Delhi ...

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Riders and Midnight Sun

IMG2152_bearbeitet-1_thBy truck to Barcelona first of all, then onwards with the train to Morocco, by bus to Algeria, on the ship to Marseilles, hitchhiking to Lake Constance, on the Interrail to Paris, onwards to London, hitchhiking...

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