The focus is often not considered to be noteworthy. However, experience gained from training courses or retail shows that especially in this area of expertise a photographer can expand his or her photographic creativity considerably without any in-depth technical knowledge. Only very few users ask themselves how the camera decides which object should come into focus (something that is considered in e.g. exposure metering as well).

Due to this, manufacturers are constantly developing new techniques so that the camera can “guess“ even more accurately what the photographer intends to “focus“ on in the given situation. One of these techniques is the facial recognition technology which has made it all the way onto SLR cameras. For this technology, the design engineer assumes that if a face appears in the image, the chances are high that is the main focus point. But what happens when a face is e.g. intended to be out of focus and the focus should be on the objects behind it? This is where this automatic function reaches its limits and the photographer should familiarise him/herself with the camera’s various focus functions.


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