Wallpaper No. 3

Little-photo-college.net offers you images that can be used as desktop backgrounds (wallpaper, desktop screen savers, and background images). The images are provided in 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution. The high resolution enables a maximum image quality on most screens. Simply download the image and then with a right mouse click "save image under…" or "set as desktop background" and save the image on your own medium. The background images are updated from time to time.

Have fun with the photos!

Bayern, Morgenstunde, Voralpenland, Gegenlicht Bayern, Morgenstunde, Voralpenland, Gegenlicht
Korsika, Wasserfall, Langzeitbelichtung Korsika, Wasserfall, Langzeitbelichtung
Korsika, Berge, Laub, Rahmen Korsika, Berge, Laub, Rahmen
Korsika, Meer, Licht, Gegenlicht Korsika, Meer, Licht, Gegenlicht
Korsika, Baum, Wolken, Rahmen Korsika, Baum, Wolken, Rahmen
Italien, Surfer, Gegenlicht, Kitesurfen Italien, Surfer, Gegenlicht, Kitesurfen
Fenster, Gardine Fenster, Gardine

On a legal note: the images are property of Michael Groer and are made available free of charge for private use only.

Prices for commercial use of images are available on request. Layout and high resolution files are available free of charge on request. The layout files may only be used to view and create sample presentations. The period of use for layout images is limited to one month after the files have been dispatched. The copyright information may not be removed from the layout images. Any further use is subject to cost. By ordering layout images, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Please direct requests for image rights, prints, commissioned work, layout and high resolution files and collaborations with agencies… to:
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