Weather, Time of Year (Season) and Day

Especially interesting in the area of natural sunlight are the numerous different forms of light that are essentially provided by one light source – the sun.

Why is this? The sunlight that hits the earth is highly influenced by the atmospheric conditions. Depending on composition (clouds, humidity, pollution…), certain wavelengths of sunlight are absorbed by the atmosphere. The sun’s position is also crucial – the lower the sun is; the longer the distance is that the sunlight has to travel through the atmosphere. This also results in an absorption effect. First, the short waved, blue light components are absorbed which results the remaining light consisting of more red components. The warm colours in the evening, in the morning and the red tones at sunrise are created by the atmosphere’s filter-effect. The cause is the long distance the sunlight has to cover while travelling through the atmosphere. In the following article, the effect time of day and weather has, is emphasized.

Interesting site on the topic of the sun’s position

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