Which Image Subjects? What Area of Application?

In the following, there are a few more thoughts on the perfect camera. An important aspect of choosing the right camera is the area of application, i.e., where or what it is to be used for. Which image subjects do you tend to photograph the most? If you mainly capture images of sport or children playing, you should opt for a camera with fast autofocus and a delayed shutter release. In contrast, for landscape images, aspects such as a wide focal length range with a wide angle are key.

If you often capture images at night or in poor lighting conditions, you should choose a digital single-lens reflex camera. These have the advantage of a larger sensor compared to compact digital camera. What will you use the images for? How large do you want to print the images? The larger the images should be, the more important the camera’s image quality becomes.

If you wish to produce images that are larger than 20x30cm, you should pay particular attention to this criterion. Good purchase advice can be useful and help you avoid the wrong item. In a shop, they can explain how to use the camera before you buy it and after purchasing a camera, you have a reference person in case of any occurring problems.

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