The resolution of a digital camera is indicated in pixels. One pixel is the equivalent of one picture element and contains all the information about colour and brightness. What resolution do I need? This question cannot be answered universally as, depending on what the intended use is, there are different minimum resolution requirements in order to achieve optimal image quality.

If there is sufficient storage capacity, then there is little reason not to use the camera’s maximum (not interpolated) resolution. This keeps the options of what the image is later to be used for open. When comparing digital cameras it is, however, important to note that the number pixels alone say little about the actual camera quality. Other aspects such as the quality of the optical system, size and type of image sensor and internal signal processing are also highly important.

15" 800x600 0,5 Mega-Pixel
17" 1280x1024 1,3 Mega-Pixel
 Full HD 1920x1080 2,1 Mega-Pixel
Photo print    
9x13 cm 1280x1024 1,3 Mega-Pixel
10x15 cm 1600x1200 2,0 Mega-Pixel
13x18 cm 2048x1536 3,2 Mega-Pixel
18x24 cm 2272x1704 4,0 Mega-Pixel
30x45 cm   ab ca. 5 Mega-Pixel