Digital-Specific Problems

Digital photography does not only bring advantages. The photographer must be aware of some the particularities of digital photography.

Modified aspect ratio

  • In analog 35mm, an aspect ratio of 2:3 was the norm (e.g. film format 24x36mm or image sizes 10x15, 20x30…)
  • However, many compact digital cameras use an aspect ratio of 3:4. This aspect ratio cannot be transformed into a „classic“ image format of 2:3 without being cropped or distorted. Therefore, it is crucial to decide e.g. when increasing the size, whether or not the entire photo should be visible. Then the digital aspect ratio is chosen which results in photo prints that are e.g. 10x13.5cm in size instead of 10x15cm.
  • On some camera the aspect ratio is adjustable and should potentially be adjusted according to the output format if no further computer editing is involved.
  • Most digital SLR cameras do not have this option – they have a sensor format of 2:3 (exceptions: Panasonic, Olympus)



Problems with power consumption

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