Night Time Drive Cuba

Potholes, people, horse-drawn carts, goats and bike riders appeared out of the shadows…

The night has swallowed up the light and only our car’s headlights penetrate the darkness for a moment.
The tyres keep squeaking, the speed has to be reduced for the next upcoming pothole.

Out of the darkness, hands holding money reach out into the beam of light. Hitchhikers! Headlights appear in the distance, grow larger and pass by in a blinding swirl of light. What remains for a moment is the soot and dust filled air that retracts into the shadows. Faint dancing lights appear like jack o’lanterns in the gloom. They are lanterns that are swaying to and fro from the horse drawn carriages and giving off a flickering light…

Nachtfahrt – Kuba – 2008{gallery}stories/Nachtfahrt:30:30:0:0{/gallery}

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