Out-of-focus images

The following article offers you a short overview of the possible causes for out-of-focus images. More information about the individual problems can be found in the articles in the respective subject areas. These are essentially the main causes of out-of-focus images:

  • Improper focusing
  • Camera shaking/blurring
  • Motion blurring
  • Dirty lens or filter
  • Quality of lens / Images captured with the widest diaphragm
  • Technical defect


After blurring, an incorrect focus is the main cause of out-of-focus images. It is mentioned briefly below. For a more in-depth explanation on this topic, see Technical Basics – Focus.

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The “blurring” of an image is one of the main causes for blurred images.

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Motion Blurring

Motion blurring is another type of shutter speed-dependent image blurring. Here the moving object is blurred in the image despite exact focusing. The cause for this, in relation to shutter speed, is the object’s speed of movement.

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Further Causes for Blurred Images

Besides the causes that have already been mentioned, lens quality, dirty lenses or technical defects can influence an image’s sharpness.

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