Defect Memory Card

Photos disappeared? Just yesterday you were looking at the photos on your camera and now they are gone. The camera is unwaveringly refusing to reproduce the photographs, to store new images on the card and a notice appears saying “card error“ or it requests formatting. 

In these cases, a technical defect on the card or a power failure during processing could be the cause of these problems – there are many causes. The memory may simply have been (re-) formatted by accident. In photography it has been proven that brand name memory cards tend to cause less technical problems. However, this does not mean that cannot try your luck with inexpensive memory cards. You can purchase cards that match the brand name products in speed and reliability.

If you no longer wish to view the images on the camera, you should try to transfer the images onto the computer using a card reader. If successfully achieved, the card can usually be used in camera again after it has been completely re-formatted. If the cause is unknown however; exercise caution and consider investing in a new card, which may be the better option.

If all the image files on the card are unreadable, by using a recovery program you may be able to recover the image files. These programs are also useful for accidentally deleted images or formatted cards. It is important to avoid further transmissions with the affected card. Avoid capturing further images with the affected card – use a spare card for further shots if needed.

Procedure if memory card is defect or for accidentally deleted images

  • Turn off camera
  • Do not open card and rechargeable battery slot during transmission – not even to cancel accidental deleted images or formatting
  • Avoid capturing further images with the affected card – use a spare card for further shots
  • Try to open the card’s content on the computer with the card reader
  • Sometimes it is possible to simply select the card and transmit the files onto the computer
  • If the card cannot be read the files, try using recovery programs

Examples of (file) recovery programs

If very precious images are on the card, it may be worth allowing a professional to recover the card’s content. There are plenty of providers on the internet.

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