Photo Tip “Slow Speed Synchronisation”

Photo tip – Use slow speed synchronization to capture dynamic movement

Langzeitsynchronisation bei Bewegungen


  • This photo was captured on a street in Cairo.  



  • Flash device (either built-in or flash attachment)


Technical settings 

  • Manual focus
    • Fast motion at close-range – focusing the camera is especially difficult under these conditions and can lead to an unwanted delay before the trigger is released or focus inaccuracies
  • Aperture Priority Auto Exposure (AV) with a diaphragm of 1:13
    • Use of depth of field to compensate for inaccuracies caused by the focus
  • Exposure 1/13 seconds
    • To achieve more dynamics with motion blurring
  • Flash
    • Due to the flash’s short period of activity it can capture sharp image in spite of motion
    • The flash was synchronised to the rear (second) shutter curtain (if it had been synched to the first shutter curtain the area of motion that is in focus would have been in front of the motion blurring – this would look unnatural)
  • ISO rate 400
  • Focal length 50mm (35mm equivalent focal length)

During long periods of exposure and with the use of a flash device motion is “frozen” for a short moment.

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