Photo Tip “Burst Mode”

It is difficult to capturing moving objects for various reasons. On the one hand, it can be difficult to achieve a sharp image subject (problem: motion blurring). On the other hand, it is also difficult as you only have a small amount of time to create and prepare the image and correct or incorrect positioning of the main subject is often a matter of a fraction of a second. To minimise this problem, good preparation in advance is helpful when capturing an image. Burst mode also allows you to choose the best image at your own pace.

Photo tip – Use burst mode for dynamic image subjects!

 Malecón in Havana (Cuba)

This photo was taken in Malecón in Havana (Cuba) in burst mode. The sun was almost directly overhead in the sky, which is why there are hard shadows. The advantage of this lighting condition is that fast shutter speeds (exposure) can be used.

Serienbilder Filmstreifen Kuba Havanna

Serienbilder Filmstreifen Kuba Havanna



  • Monopod

Technical settings

  • Burst mode
    • Is very useful when capturing fast motion
  • Manual focus
    • In order to avoid delays or lags caused by the focus
    • Incorrect focusing in relation to distance can be avoided
  • Aperture Priority Auto Exposure (AV) with a diaphragm of 1:8
    • Use of depth of field to compensate for inaccuracies caused by the focus
  • Exposure 1:800 seconds 
    • The fast shutter speed “freezes” the jumpers’ motion in mid air
  • ISO rate 200


Using fast shutter speeds motion can be “frozen” for a short moment. The burst mode can help you achieve the desired image result when fast motion is involved. The higher the frame rate, the wider the range of images is to choose from.

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