Photo Tip “Bad Weather?!“

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.“ Bear appropriate clothing in mind, even for bad weather, as that is when many photographers withdraw indoors. You, on the other hand, can capture striking images of objects that in good weather conditions wouldn’t be half as impressive. Every type of weather has its own appeal, be it the morning fog that reduces contrast or the warm lighting on late summer’s day. The rain slicked streets become dark and in backlighting turn into glistening rivers of light.

The moments before the storm: the sky turns dark and several beams of light just manage to break through the bed of clouds. When the wind whistles through the bed of clouds and makes way for the sun. The sandstorm that paints an ochre picture that is only very slightly interrupted by other colours.

Take care of your equipment! Cameras are very sensitive to moisture and dust.

Protect your camera and lens against dust and moisture

  • Underwater camera housings (+ optimum protection and usability – high prices)
  • Protective bags
  • Rain covers for camera and lens
  • Umbrella
  • Etc.
A storm is approaching – Mallorca – 2005

Storm above the Mediterranean – Mallorca – 2005

After the rain – Rainbow – Thurso – Scotland – 1992
Cathedral and Stone Bridge – Regensburg

The old town in Regensburg with its trademarks the Cathedral and the Stone Bridge in the evening right before a storm. The camera is pointing south-east at the storm clouds while the low-lying evening sun baths image subject in warm light.


Hiker in the fog – European long distance path E5

Wet and cold November – Regensburg

Tree in the fog – Bavaria

Street in the rain – Havana – Cuba – 2008

Street in the rain – Havana – Cuba – 2008

Umbrella skeleton – New York – USA - 2001
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