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Gear / Equipment (an Overview)

In many cases, the right gear is almost as important as the camera itself. The following overview can be seen as a short checklist. Not every piece of equipment is required by every photographer or in every situation.

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Lens Hood / Lens Hade

lens hood Nikon]A lens hood (also lens shade) reduces stray light and lens flare. This can increase image quality in certain lighting conditions considerably.

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Tripods and Monopods

Professionals use them and ever more amateurs are starting to use them, often due to new techniques in panoramic photography and HDR. They are crucial in many image capturing situations. In these areas as is the case in many situations in available light photography (e.g., images captured at dusk or at night), tripods are huge aids to photographers.

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Tips on how to use Tripods/Monopods

When using tripods, you should make sure that the surface is sturdy and doesn’t shake. The use of them for instance on high rises, bridges, boats (pointing at sea or land), parquet floor or other flooring is problematic as these surfaces can shake and transfer vibration.

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