Fixed Focal Length and Zoom

When it comes to lenses irrespective of their focal lengths, you differentiate between fixed focal lengths and zoom lenses (lenses with variable focal lengths). 

Zoom lenses are very popular mainly due to being flexible and easy to use. With zoom lenses various image sections can be chosen without having to change your position. However, because it is very time consuming to correct the lens constructions of variable focal lengths, many of these lenses are still somewhat a compromise between comfort and image performance.

Additionally, zoom lenses are (in comparable price categories) usually somewhat “light weaker“ than comparable fixed focal lengths. This becomes more noticeable in weaker lighting settings.

Especially lenses with a 2-4xzoom have, to some extent, a very high image performance. If the focus is mainly on weight and convenience, then so-called superzoom/travel zoom lenses (usually from 28-200mm to 200mm to 18-270mm) can be an alternative. These superzoom zoom lenses are a compromise between image performance and compatibility. The wide focal length range has the advantage that you can react swiftly to various situations without having to change lenses.

Fixed focal lengths are often used when high image quality is to be achieved, an increased light intensity is required or special requirements regarding the lens must be met (e.g. macro). Especially in the focal length range of 50mm you can find high quality, light intense lenses at affordable prices.

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