Flash and Colour Temperature

Light from a flash can influence the lighting mood very negatively. A classic example is a candle lit atmosphere. If a flash used in this type of situation, the whole mood can be shattered. Therefore you should not carelessly use a flash even if the lighting is too dark.

In order to adjust the flash’s colour temperature to that of the surrounding source of light, coloured discs can be placed in front of the reflector, e.g. green disc for energy saving lamps, yellow for electric lights. These transparent discs do not necessarily have to be from the domain of photography, you are free to be experimental.

Not just coloured discs in front of the flash but also a coloured surface that reflects the light can influence the colour of the light. This is important for the indirect flash (e.g. coloured walls). 

Tip – Try and take some photos without a flash as well and use a high ISO rate, image stabiliser and tripod etc.

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